Ever wondered, Microsoft Excel which was introduced in 1985 would become an invincible tool even in present-day business?

Excel is one of the unavoidable computer programs that occupy most of all organizations and workspace generally. People with strong excel skills and shortcuts are more likely to be hired when compared to their counterparts. From financial planning, financial close checklist, analyzing stocks, month-end close best practices, close management, sales lists, and budget planning solution; organizations benefit from excel in many ways. But it really takes skilled employees and lots of memory space to work with excel.

As time flies by, we need to upgrade our business from time to time. Evaluating your organization’s current financial state and where will it be in the future? Requires a financial planner that you have to hire.

Usually, your financial planner creates financial plans for your business depending on the past record and the current market trend which involves lots of research and gathering data, cutting and pasting N number of data from the internet to a spreadsheet, trust us; It is not as easy as it sounds.

To make all this process easier we have a software solution, which creates your financial plan based on Microsoft Excel and an even better way of corporate financial planning.

This software collects all the reports and data sent during the present month, collaborates it, analyses the expenditure and income, and will generate the finance plan without you having to sit and enter the entire month’s data in each and every cell of the spreadsheet.

Another important feature is that in a normal spreadsheet each cell contains only one specific data which we enter occupies more space whereas this software makes each cell as multi-dimensional cubes; it allows us to save multiple data in a single cell. 

Financial planning software tracks down your expenditure, financial accounts, transaction, bill payments, tax reports, investment, and stocks to generate a complete financial plan for your organization with accurate data of your business history.


  • Strategic and operational planning to organizations with an integrated approach.
  • Perfect for all different levels of a corporate structure.
  • Plans your expenditure with maximum flexibility.
  • Accurate understanding and identification of your finance needs.
  • A clear picture of your corporate sustainability.

It’s simple, you are not going to lose your favorite excel spreadsheet while you upgrade to a financial planning software. Excel is not going out of your organization when you plan to buy a financial planning software. For example, even our own software PivotXL uses Microsoft Excel as a primary tool for organizational requirements. Excel is an effective functional tool which needs help from advanced software for efficient results and outcome for the business.