Organization Benefits

Save time and Make Better Decisions With PivotXL

PivotXL keeps your data organized and at your fingertips for easy decision making.

PivotXL removes all the manual tasks in data collection, aggregation and reporting. We keep the powerful features of Excel while giving you the integrity of a cloud database to enhance decision making and streamline business operations. 

Save Time

Initial estimates showcase about 4 to 5 hours per business user per month and about 20 hours a month among finance users.

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Make Better Decisions

Our cloud application integrated with Excel allows for easily putting together dashboards and what-if scenarios

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Become Agile

Faster data collection, aggregation, and reporting mean faster insights and an agile decision-making process.

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Save Time

PivotXL allows users to send and get the data directly between Excel removing the tedious task of data aggregation, reporting and analytics. 

Initial estimates showcase about 4 to 5 hours per business user per month and about 20 hours a month among finance users. This can add up to 100s of hours and thousands of dollars in saving simply by streamlining the data gathering process. 

Saving time allows for re-focusing the team's time on making better business decisions and focusing on highly profitable customers.

Make Better Decisions

With deep Excel integration, learning a new tool is a thing of the past.

By providing a cloud database, we provide the data integrity but the user can still use all of Excel's calculation and analytics capability to put together dashboards and what-if scenarios. 

With permission based data access and workflow collaboration tool - any organization can feel confident that their data is secure but also in their fingertips. 

Become an Agile Business

One of the most impactful benefits of PivotXL is the ability to move up the planning maturity curve. Companies start with budgeting and forecasting but then quickly move into rolling forecasts and eventually move into an on-demand agile business.

Our software functionality provides consistent data gathering and the independence of using a known tool such as Excel for analytics. If there is any data discrepancy, all the data is versioned and can be reconciled without any hassle. PivotXL is the perfect tool for organizations moving into an agile business environment.

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